2010 Creative Finds – Day 2 (Quick Wrap up)

After months of planning, organizing and crafting, the 2010 Creative Finds Winter Marketplace has come to a successful end. A big thank you to all of our vendors, customers and helpers who were there to make the show a huge success!

We’ll have an update to this in the next little while. For now, it’s time to relax. Thank you all!


I have 2 tables available in the back left hand corner at my CrEaTiVe FiNdS show for next Saturday & Sunday. $110.00 for both days!!! Please message me if you are interested. Items must be hand made by the vendors themselves … sorry, we do not have any jeweler spaces available.
We had planned on having a large resting area for shoppers. However, due to high demand this weekend from the shopping public, we have opened up the space to house 4 vendors and still be able to keep one long 8 foot table for our lovely customers to rest their weary shopping feet at.

INTERVIEWED by Not Quite South Surrey!

Good Morning all you craft enthusiasts and appreciators!

We are now less than 2 weeks away from our highly anticipated 4th annual Creative Finds Marketplace!!! Yeah!

As we get ready to film our countdown videos, I would like to turn your attention to a wonderful new (2010) website Not Quite South Surrey.

It was created and is maintained by a lovely group of parents residing in the Sullivan Heights area of Surrey. The purpose of their website is to promote events in their area & help support local families. They also have a Facebook page to assist in getting the word out there and keeping in touch with their friends and followers. Fran, one of the best muli-taskers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting & now calling my friend, interviewed me regarding our show and its creation. Please click on the image to view the article.

Have a great day everyone & SEE YOU SOON!