Come One, Come All!

Today is the day!

Bring your shopping bags and your creative thoughts!

We have a wide variety of art & craft supplies on SALE at

Sullivan Hall (6306 – 152nd Street in Surrey, BC)

from 1-5pm.facebook-banner-cf-spring-fling-2017


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This may just be the BEST Art & Craft Swap Meet you have ever been to or been involved in!!!!!

Hello to all creative souls,

We hope that you had a fabulous Winter Season and some well deserved rest.
We would like to let you know that we are hosting a Spring Market this year at Sullivan Hall on April 2nd.facebook-banner-cf-spring-fling-2017

This market will focus on helping you clear your study/work space out of the supplies that have been piling up around you that you no longer need. This could also include displays that no longer work with your current product or vision/showcase.
Get your de-STASH on!

Time to spring clean whatever environment you call your “studio” and make a little cash!
Haul out any new and gently used art supplies you don’t want anymore and set up a table or a tent and purge that clutter!

Vendors are allowed to sell any supplies/display items that can be used in a creative world. The list is almost endless . 🙂
Examples of GOOD items to bring:
~ Paint/paint brushes
~ New/reusable canvas
~ Art paper pads (sketch, watercolor, bristol etc)
~ Pens/Markers/Colored Pencils
~ Sculpting/Pottery tools
~ Jewelry making tools
~ Easels
~ Photography equipment
~ Jars/cigar boxes/tins
~ books/magazines
~ scrapbooking/papercrafting supplies
~ ribbon/fabric/Tees for up cycling
~ sewing/needlecraft supplies
~ woodworking supplies
~ frames/hanging supplies
~ Studio equipment/furniture/storage
~ Ephemera: trinkets and doodads
~ Music instruments/supplies/sheet music

Examples of NOT SO GOOD stuff:
~ Completed artwork (some is fine, but remember, this is not an art sale)
~ Retail items at retail price
~ anything not art or craft related.

This may just be the BEST Art & Craft Swap Meet you have ever been to or been involved in!!!!!

02 April 2017 Art & Craft DESTASH
Re-Use, Re-Cycle, Re-Vamp your art and craft supplies this SPRING!!!
VISIT our website for show details:

The purpose of this market is to re-use, re-cycle, re-vamp the art and craft supplies that have been gathering in your storage areas and will most likely never make it to your production area. Get your de-STASH on!

Vendor spaces are only $45 each (space is 8′ x 5′) inside the hall & cheaper outside!

NOTE: Market details can be found on our application form at

Get your de-STASH on!

Time to spring clean whatever environment you call your “studio” and make a little cash! Haul out any new and gently used art supplies you don’t want anymore and set up a table or a tent and purge that clutter!

Remember, this is a SWAP MEET, not a craft sale, so price your items accordingly and be super willing to haggle! Have fun!

We hope you can join us!

Nicci & the CFE Team

2016 Creative Finds video promo #2

There will be a parade on 152nd Street on Saturday between 64th Ave & 72nd Ave.
Please PLAN your day & you can enjoy both, our handmade market and the very colourful Negar Kirtan Parade!  An intermittent closure of the above mentioned area of 152 Street will take place between 10-10:30am & 2-3pm.

The SULLIVAN HALL is located just SOUTH of 64th Ave, therefore entrance to the hall’s parking lot will not be blocked.

CLICK HERE for more parade route info


A Mini Morsel of Megan…just for you!


Meet the lovely Megan

I love art. I love painting and creating. I always have and I always will.

One of the most exciting things for me is to see that excitement, that fire come to life in others. I have been fortunate, Art has always been apart of my life.

Creating started when I was wee, in my folks backyard armed with finger paints and sun dyes….(what was my Mom thinking!) I jest…She was igniting the passion of an artist. I was able to further my artist passion when I attended Emily Carr University. There, I was able to expand my knowledge of colour under the tutelage of Tom Hudson and his amazing and intense theory colour classes, begin to discover the possibilities of Mixed Media Art and fuel my love of book arts under the guidance of Nick Bantock. I was so fortunate.

Megan: Saturday ~ Connecting with your Creative Muse!

Saturday Workshop ~ Connecting with your Creative Muse!

Life proceeded on as it often does and I became a Mama. A Mama to three and then two more yup, that’s 5. Throw in a couple of dogs and cat with a whole lot of ‘tude and you have some crazy, busy times. Not so much art, but, then things began to shift, nestlings began to grow up and art wriggled right back into my life and Mama became Mama Crow (that’s me!). For 10 years as Mama Crow, I was blessed to have a eclectic shop and art studio full of all things bright and shiny. I was able to surround myself with creativity,(not to mention paint, beads and a few peacock feathers thrown in for good measure) Here I discovered my passion for igniting the creative soul in others and have recently, refocused all this yummy artsy juju and opened a funky little art studio…The Crow’s Nest Art Studio. Here I can teach and share the things I love. Mixed Media, Encaustic, Painting, book arts and some jewellery making (‘cause a girls gotta have a little bling!).

Megan: Friday ~ Creative Collective Catcher … A Journal!

Friday Workshop ~ Creative Collective Catcher … A Journal!

I have been teaching and encouraging artistic endeavors for over 11 years and I love the feeling of creating. I love to help others connect with art through creative expression and exploration. Creativity is in all of us, we just all have different ways of expressing it and I look forward to seeing your creative side. Who knows the artsy trouble we can get into.
Megan Anderson 

We are over the moon to have Megan teaching again this year at our second Into the heART Art Retreat! To see a more detailed description of the workshops she is offering this year, please CLICK the photos of her artwork.

We look forward to seeing you this October!


…and we are LIVE!

Join today and live an ADVENTURE in 2015!CFE-Retreat-POST-CARD-reg

button-BOOK-online-NOWCLICK HERE for our event details

Into the heART Art Retreat REGISTRATION info…. just for you!

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GIVE ART as a GIFT! (retreat vouchers available….contact us TODAY !)

Online REGISTRATION begins January 1st, 2015!

SNAIL MAIL: Registration form will be available for printing Dec 19th! Registrations will be processed beginning Jan 1st, 2015 based on order rcvd.

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All is revealed!!!

Woo-hoo!  The time is now!

Click on the image to view our exciting Fall 2015 Into the heART Art Retreat details!!!CFE-Retreat-POST-CARD-low

The REVIEWS are in!

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REVIEWS from ‘Into the heART’ attendees of Spring 2014:

  • “Had a fantastic weekend. Loved the classes. Thanks to Nicci Battilana for organizing the retreat. You did an amazing job. Can’t wait until next year.” – Wendy
  • “Had a great time! Took away some amazing techniques and some fantastic memories. Awesome venue, Harrison is a little oasis tucked away in the mountains. Just far enough away to feel removed from everyday life. Loved the pools. Glad to be able to share this with a friend. Both classes from Megan and Michael were chock full of awe , wonder and a few ah ha moments as well. Couldn’t have asked for better guidance to creativity. Will be looking for the next gathering. Thank you Nicci Battilana for making it happen.” – Debbie
  • “Great time! Made some wonderful pieces and gained some incredible knowledge. Thanks Nicci Battilana” – Debbie
  • “Such an amazing weekend! Thank you Nicci for all your hard work! Looking forward to next year.” – Michel
  • “Awesome awesome job organizing , awesome teachers and company lookin forward to next year!!!!!!” – Tammy
  • “It was a great weekend and so nice to meet so many talented people!” – Lorraine
  • “Thank you so much for a great weekend with so many talented people I ended up having to leave sat night as our son had a big tournament this weekend and after missing his Sat event I felt I needed to be there Sun. I wish I could of stayed and kept playing. I look forward to future retreats.” – Kim
  • “What a great weekend! Can’t wait to hear the plans for the next one! Thanks for a wonderful weekend Nicci!!” – Christa
  • “It was by far my favourite art retreat! Loved it! Thank you. Xoxoxo” – Christina
  • “Excellent Event!” – Cheryl
  • “Such a good time and an amazing group of people!!” – Megan
  • “It was a fabulous weekend! You did an awesome job.” – Jeni
  • “I wish I had another week of playing with Andrea Matus deMeng – I was starting to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” – Kim

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STAY TUNED for details regarding our Fall 2015 Art Retreat!

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THANK YOU to my wonderful Volunteers, Teaching Staff, Resort Staff, fabulous attendees  and everyone that has helped spread the word. Without you this would not have been the success it was.

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