It's time to PLAY!

cf iconToday is the day!   Final numbers need to be in by midnight TONIGHT.

We need to see how many lovely ones will be joining us in May, as I will contacting the Harrison Hot Springs Resort this Monday to give them our total numbers.
If we have enough students booked, we can still use all of the ballroom/classrooms that we have on our wish list.  🙂
Therefore, I must say that “the time for hesitation is though” (quote from the movie Empire Records).
You will not regret joining us on this wonderful adventure! We will have so much fun, learn new techniques, try out new creative products and laugh late into the night.
Oh My Starshine, the  joy and satisfaction you will feel after our artsy Spring Fling will be contagious!

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CLICK HERE for WORKSHOP, accommodation & price info

NOTE:  REGISTRATION closes January 25th, 2014

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~countdown-00If we have enough numbers by tonight, we will also be able to extend the registration date … so that you may still invite your friends and loved ones. Make sure you get yours in today.

Sending you love and laughter,

Nicci (your Host)

FYI: You can always scan & email in your registration form & pay through paypal !

our Art Retreat logo in creation by Nicci Battilana (aka Nicci Dot C A)
our Art Retreat logo in creation by Nicci Battilana (aka Nicci Dot C A)

Doing what you love!

Sometimes it takes courage to do what you love. Maybe we are afraid that we will not be good enough or just frustrate ourselves and not enjoy the process. These are battles that we unfortunately place on ourselves and only we can take these barriers down and throw them away.
When we say to ourselves that enough is enough and take that step forward, it may begin with trepidation and fear, but then end up with joy, freedom and the curiosity as to why we did not do this earlier in its place.
What would you love to do?:

  • take a few days away… just for you (and maybe a friend or two)
  • learn how to create with en-caustic wax
  • make your dream doll a reality using funky steampunk fashions and findings
  • use assemblage to create your very own creepy misfit toy
  • play with concrete in a whole new way
  • sew your own uniquely stylish crafting/cooking apron
  • learn the vastly growing trend of art journaling
  • sculpt a gorgeous silhouette dressed for dancing in a flowering field
  • create a warm and loved filled painted scroll to decorate your home
  • play with the ever popular ice resin and design your own necklace pendant
  • embellish your heart with all the love you can muster
  • create a 3D mixed media enigma
  • remake your favorite little bottle into something completely demented and vial
  • adorn your journal cover to reflect the ‘eye of the beholder’. (Mine would be a girl looking back at me… of course…lol. Have you seen my art? It’s all girls!)
  • give a face to your inner critic and empty your fears into her

Sometimes along our personal journey we get creatively stuck and need a jump start to recharge our batteries or just need to step aside from our normal everyday lives. Have time to breathe, laugh, make friends and take a leap of faith in ourselves.

All SKILL levels welcome!


CLICK HERE for WORKSHOP, accommodation & price info

NOTE:  REGISTRATION closes January 25th, 2014

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The importance of PLAY

PLAY = less gadget activity and more real life interaction. PLAY is a huge part of truly living your life. PLAY brings laughter, joy, friendship and freedom of the soul. PLAY gives you permission to enjoy the moment, relish in the now. PLAY is what we all need to further enjoy our journey. For it is the journey and not the destination itself is what matters most.

Give yourself permission to PLAY!

We welcome you to come wiggle your toes in our sandbox!