Manifest your desires in 2014! We can help you…

The countdown has begun! 2014 is almost upon us!badge-girl-2012-07-6x6

  • What do you hope for in the new year?
  • What goal(s) will you work hard towards achieving in 2014?

What we wish for you in 2014, is to:beanie-cruella-2012-07-6x4

  • have positive life experiences with friends and family.
  • feel cherished for who you are.
  • help those around you. It should always be about paying it forward, shouldn’t it?
  • shine, we want you to SHINE!
  • laugh, giggle and guffaw to your heart’s content.
  • know that making a few mistakes is okay.
  • feel free to dance in the grocery store isles.
  • that a good cry can clear your emotions for a fresh start.
  • cover your hands in paint at least once a week in creative bliss.
  • find glitter on your nose when you look in the mirror.
  • feel free and add a fun streak of color in your hair. Do not wish for it any more, just do it already…lol.
  • feel empowered enough to wear fun’n’funky socks!
  • enjoy the freedom of just letting go! Let go of what worries you, let go of what keeps you up at night, let go of holding yourself back (even if it is just for a few hours/days each week). Your soul will thank you.
  • take time for you! By making yourself happy & healthy. You will then be a better you to share with those you love and cherish.

press-2012-07-4x6We hope your journey will include a short side trip, so that you may enjoy the warm spirits that await you at the ‘Into the heART’ retreat in Harrison Hot Springs May 22-25, 2014.

You will leave us feeling empowered, cherished and looking forward to your next life adventure.

6th Art Retreat WORKSHOP Unveiled !!!

 WORKSHOPMixed Media Powertex Sculpture

with Delphine & Adele

 This is a fun and exciting class where students will learn how to construct a one of a kind standing sculpture (Approximately 33 cm in height). Starting with a wire armature you will learn how to flesh your sculpture with tin foil i.e. build your armature to resemble a human form. Your sculpture will then be mummy wrapped with masking tape. Next strips of T-shirt material are dipped into the Powertex fabric hardener and again mummy wrapped over the masking tape. You are now ready to dress your lady. You will then paint your sculpture with colours of your choice. Once completed you have a gorgeous one of a kind piece of art to take home with you. Your sculpture can also be kept outdoors all year long. Once you have learned how to work with Powertex your imagination has no bounds. You will be able to construct any size sculpture or artwork that you desire.

Powertex is a highly versatile product, with a Global Safety Seal of Approval.

The product is safe for Humans, animals and the environment. It is widely used by artists, hobbyists, schools, and people from all occupations.

Powertex can be used on any natural fiber such as cotton, silk, rayon, paper, leather, wood, fiberglass and concrete to name a few and washes off easily with soap and water.

We look forward to sharing a fun day with you!

BIO: Delphine: Delphine Hayes has always had an interest in the creative arts, using fabric, paper, watercolors and acrylics. She has been an instructor for Paper Tole for over 20 years instructing classes at local craft stores in British Columbia and Alberta. Over the past few years Delphine discovered Powertex and found to her delight, Powertex offered more than she had ever imagined. Delphine is the Powertex Distributor and Trainer for British Columbia. She offers workshops and Instructor Certification courses from her home studio in Victoria, British Columbia.

BIO: Adele: Adele Sather is a Certified Powertex Instructor/Trainer and Distributor from Calgary, Alberta. She has been creating and designing with a variety of mediums such as water colours, pastels, acrylics, sewing and jewellery design. Adele is very excited about working and creating with Powertex because this incredible product is very versatile and so easy to use! Design and create beautiful one of a kind projects for your home and garden. Let your inner Artist be your guide! Adele is looking forward to sharing her Powertex experience with you!

Art Supply Kit for Sculpture………………$50.00

 What to bring:

  • 1 Roll Aluminum Foil (not from the $ Store)
  • 2 X-Large or large 100% old Cotton T-Shirts, light coloured with no print or appliqué.
  • Acrylic paints your choice of colours and a metallic colour to highlight your sculpture.
  • 2 paint brushes one filbert and one round
  • An old pair of sharp Scissors (as it may get some Powertex liquid on them)
  • Embellishments for your Sculpture. (Optional)
  • Old hair dryer to semi dry your sculpture before painting.
  • Plastic wrap

Acrylics colors used in sample photo: Silver, Blue Violet, Deep Purple, and Metallic – Plum.
Embellishment used (optional): Swarovski Crystals around neck and on hair

  Student registration BEGINS Sept 21, 2013