It's time to PLAY!

cf iconToday is the day!   Final numbers need to be in by midnight TONIGHT.

We need to see how many lovely ones will be joining us in May, as I will contacting the Harrison Hot Springs Resort this Monday to give them our total numbers.
If we have enough students booked, we can still use all of the ballroom/classrooms that we have on our wish list.  🙂
Therefore, I must say that “the time for hesitation is though” (quote from the movie Empire Records).
You will not regret joining us on this wonderful adventure! We will have so much fun, learn new techniques, try out new creative products and laugh late into the night.
Oh My Starshine, the  joy and satisfaction you will feel after our artsy Spring Fling will be contagious!

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CLICK HERE for WORKSHOP, accommodation & price info

NOTE:  REGISTRATION closes January 25th, 2014

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~countdown-00If we have enough numbers by tonight, we will also be able to extend the registration date … so that you may still invite your friends and loved ones. Make sure you get yours in today.

Sending you love and laughter,

Nicci (your Host)

FYI: You can always scan & email in your registration form & pay through paypal !

our Art Retreat logo in creation by Nicci Battilana (aka Nicci Dot C A)
our Art Retreat logo in creation by Nicci Battilana (aka Nicci Dot C A)

Time to ruffle your feathers with WORKSHOP #12 !

 WORKSHOP ‘Fit To Be Tied’ with Michelle Purcell

This class is for the inner you! Create a personalized apron that brings out your own personality. I will show you how to design without a pattern and then embellish it to accomplish a one of a kind fashion statement. Learn new shortcuts which make sewing SEW much easier.
With Aprons being all the rage, one must have one of their own! Be it retro, fun, sassy, frilly or just plain functional, Michelle will show you some tricks and guide you along on this wonderfully fun journey!   For even more fun fabric combination ideas to inspire you for this workshop, check out the Apronology magazines & Pinterest boards!

BIO: Michelle has been an avid sewing, quilting and embroidery enthusiast for over 30 years. Any medium that uses fabric excites her and with all the new methods for machine embroidery and embellishments Michelle can’t get enough. Sharing her expertise at various quilt guilds, teaching classes in her home and running a home business allow her many hours of creativity.
Teacher will supply:

  • Assorted laces trims and edgings
  • Misc fabrics to use as accent pieces
  • Beads, buttons & bows
  • Embroidery machine if you want to personalize or add names
  • Surprise package for all!

Supply list:

  • Sewing machine with bobbins, regular sewing foot
  • a ruffled or gathering foot (if you have them)
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • scissors
  • 2 m cotton fabric (Choose something you like)
  • Sharp rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • Tape measure
  • construction thread to match fabric

PACKAGE Pricing will be uploaded at 8pm (P.S.T.) September 18th!

Student registration BEGINS Sept 21, 2013

Are you ready to see what is in store for SPRING 2014?

SPRING 2014 ~ Into the heART Art Retreat (May 22-25, 2014): We have decided to tease you just a little bit by introducing you to a workshop (or two) every second day, beginning tomorrow at 8am (pst) – Saturday Sept 7th.
We are so very excited that we want to let it build in you as well!

See you in the am with your hot coffee in your creative little hand. PS: I think pancakes and fruit are on the menu for us.   🙂   What will you be having?

 We have found that everyone is an Artist whether you believe it or not!

We, as humans,  are built to be creative beings in whatever medium we chose to nourish. Yes, some are more refined or have come by it naturally, but trust us, you will love trying your hand at the workshops we have to offer you. Plus our Instructors are counting the days until they can meet you!   🙂
Soul Pancake has something inspiring to share with you on this subject.

Enjoy & see you soon!

*Thank you to Dirty Footprints Studio for sharing this Soul Pancake video on facebook.