We are on the NEWSSTAND!

Last night we went to our local bookstore to look for inspiration on the magazine rack… and what did we find?


Thank you Somerset Studio, your rock for sharing our great event!countdown-15All SKILL levels welcome!


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NOTE:  REGISTRATION closes January 25th, 2014

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On a side note, here is a sneak peak at Nicci‘s planner/workbook for 2014:

This planner encompasses ‘The Documented Life Project‘ & Leonie Dawson 2014 printable business planner. She was also going to record her ‘Lifebook 2014‘, however the planner was already getting too full and it is only January…lol. Lifebook will need it’s own home this year.

Stampington & Company mag blurb insertion has been sent!

September 16-19, 2013
Get away from your daily responsibilities by joining Nicci Dot CA and other kindred spirits at the first annual “Into the heART” Art Retreat! Besides being surrounded by creative individuals such as yourself, you will find that you are residing in a lake side lodge built using the trees that were grown right on site in this beautiful lush Canadian West Coast rainforest. Partake in two 6 hour art classes of your choice, 3 meals daily, nightly gatherings and more! www.creativefinds.ca