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Today we bow our heads, take a moment to be thankful and remember those who work towards freedom, followed by HOPE that we may all live in peace soon and always. Love to you all.


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My CANADA DAY interview with the whimsical Violette Clark…

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  • Which Artist inspires you the most & why?: I have been most inspired by Sark – she set me on a path over 20 years ago when I read her book “Creative Companion and Inspiration Sandwich”. It’s like she gave me permission to be myself and embrace all of my eccentricities, love of colour, passion for life. Unbeknownst to Sark she gave me permission to fly my freak flag!

  • What would you love to try next, creatively?: I would like to teach a Bootcamp on Self – Promotion for artists, musicians, writers and other creatives. I’d like to marry all of the skills that I have acquired over the years into one package – my love of teaching, inspiring, art, eccentric nature, public speaking and motivating. Putting together power point presentations, creating art, PDF booklet and later videos to accompany the course will utilize many of my creative abilities..

  • Where do you find your muse/inspiration?: Nature, looking at other people’s art, art books, magazines, walking, chatting with people, listening to their problems and trying to find creative solutions. I also find inspiration in overhearing snippets of conversations from passerby’s and fashioning a journal page from that.Violette-bohemian-bliss-1

  • I like to teach because: I love imparting what I know to others as well as my enthusiasm for art as a healing tool. I love to teach art journaling or inspire others to begin because it has helped me tremendously on my path to healing. It’s also brought much joy into my life which I am a fanatic about sharing since I’d like others to experience the same joy as I have.

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  • Who do you creatively relate with? I.E. Who does your work remind you of?: I’m not sure who my work reminds me of – it’s pretty different than any other work. My art journal pages are quite unique. Some of the techniques in the pages such as the backgrounds may be familiar to many art journalers however the people and sayings I use are quite different. Often my work has a narrative quality to it and outlines what I have experienced such as hearing loss, the desire to be unique and screw the rules, an upset about a certain person etc.

  • The best part of living a creative life is: Being able to work in my jammies and sleep in a little bit. I also like to set my own hours, go for a walk in the middle of the day and meet a friend for coffee or an occasional lunch. I like the fact that I can go outside in my backyard on a sunny day and draw or write there. The thought of having to clock in on a regular basis in a boring beige building would be a death knell for me. I like to create any time of day or night. I love living in a purple magic cottage where every room is painted in a riot of colours – it inspires me and informs my work. I enjoy taking a day off a week to babysit and visit my grandchildren. What a lucky girl am I! Violette dragonfly house

  • What is the worst part of living a creative life?: The money can be pretty challenging – making a decent living is challenging. Having to constantly market/network rather than spending time creating is also a challenge. Having to keep on top of the tech world – Social Media, blogging etc. is very challenging and crazy making. I have ADHD and when I have too many things going at once I tend to drop balls and get overwhelmed.

  • What advice would you like to share?: If the advice is for another artist just starting out I’d suggest they start a blog and begin posting images of their work and try and find a community online. If the person is more of a one on one kind of character I suggest posting notices on bulletin boards in the community, starting a meetup group or take out an ad in the local papers. They could always start an art journaling group like I have done in the local community café. This is a great way to meet other creatives and journal together. You’ll learn new techniques and develop new artsy friendships. If you want to sell your work you’ll need to develop an online presence so begin blogging. Technique wise? I’d say try a variety of different art forms and see what works for you. Take some live workshops, online classes and buy books and try different techniques. You’ll eventually find something which turns you on and lights you up! You’ll discover what gives you juice by trying a variety of things.

  • The best advice I have ever received is : I didn’t receive it directly but “Follow your Bliss” a saying from Joseph Campbell, Anthropologist, Mythologist, writer and lecturer has inspired me for over 25 years. It’s the best advice I have ever adopted/received..

  • ‘Being creative’ means : Being creative to me means using your creativity in all aspects of your life – how you dress, how you decorate your home, how you create art, write and show up in the world. It’s also about blogging and what you post on facebook – it’s the whole shebang!

  • Name your favorite book of all time?: Well I guess I have several favourite books – The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, Inspiration Sandwich by Sark, Succulent Wild Woman by Sark, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

  • What was your scariest creative adventure?: About 11 or 12 years ago I took my van and art and travelled throughout several States in the U.S. by myself trying to sell my art, show it to galleries etc. I met lots of lovely people, showed my art to folks, visited galleries, received advice from galleries. I had a couple of harrowing experiences but on the whole it was a pretty exciting adventure. One of the silliest things I did was land in Berkley California home of Celestial Arts publishing (they published Sark’s first books) and call up the company and exclaimed “I’m your next Sark!”. Well the silly thing is I didn’t have a book written or anything I simply had a few art pieces. Needless to say the secretary on the end of the line laughed at me! I eventually did get a book published – ‘Journal Bliss’ 8 years later but not by that company . Violette-bohemian-bliss-3b

  • The thing I love most about my life is : That I live my life out loud in a purple magic cottage, I’m surrounded by family, my boyfriend and supportive friends. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – B.C. Canada and am surrounded by forests and beaches!

  • What makes your heart swell with joy?: Witnessing acts of kindness and being in nature. Kayaking is one of my favourite activities that brings me great joy! And of course creating art brings me great joy!

  • Three words to describe my work are: Whimsical, inspirational and eccentric

  • What creative tool can you not live without (so-to-speak)? Micron pens

  • My favorite ‘pretend’ curse word is : I’m not sure this is a curse word or not but it’s “Oh Crap!” I say that quite a lot unfortunately .

Thanks so much for interviewing me Nicci!

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Taking time out for you

2013 Poster girl  tall bwThis Falls retreat is focused on the lovely women out there that are looking for time to step away and just breathe and create. (This is due to the choices of accommodation being offered at Loon Lake Lodge for our group.) 

Next Spring we look forward to meeting many more women and loads of fabulously talented Gentlemen that are out there, as we will be staying at a Resort Hotel!  See all you guys in the Spring! We can’t wait to create with you!

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Taking a glimpse ‘Into the heART’ …

I am on a steep learning curve right now with Adobe Premiere ….. lol.

Thanks for humoring me by watching our first retreat video promo!

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Piecing together bits of paper to tell the story of Rachael Ashe

We asked our Fall 2013 Art Retreat Instructor, Rachael, a few questions about herself and would love to share them with you now.Rachael-Ashe--headshot

  • Which Artist inspires you the most & why?:  Two artists I am currently inspired by are Elsa Mora and Cal Lane. Elsa Mora because she works in many different mediums and seems to live a very creative life. I really admire her paper cut work because she has a very unique style of working. Cal Lane is an artist working with reclaimed industrial steel to create large-scale installations of cut metal in an illustrative style. It’s as if she’s translate paper cutting into metal.

  • What would you love to try next, creatively?:  At the moment I am trying to teach myself more about paper folding and creating three-dimensional forms from paper. I’m hoping to create more sculptural pieces with my paper cutting work.Rachael-Ashe--owl

  • Where do you find your muse/inspiration?:I’ve learned I can find inspiration pretty much anywhere. From walking in the woods, to playing with materials in the studio, to having a conversation with another artist and exchanging ideas.

  • I like to teach because:I enjoy sharing what I do with others because it allows me to learn from my students in return. I’m curious to see what someone else will do with the techniques I share, and often I do learn something new.

  • The best part of living a creative life is:I live a happier and more satisfying life because I am tapped into my creativity on a regular basis. The best part is that I’m getting to do something I feel passionate about.

  • What is the worst part of living a creative life?:There never seems to be enough time to do all of the projects I think up. I always feel like I am behind or that I’m not doing enough.Rachael-Ashe--book

  • What advice would you like to share?:  The two most important things you need to lead a creative life are time and money. An artist/creative person can never have enough time to devote to their art, and that includes time to experiment and explore new ideas. The money part probably goes without saying.

  • ‘Being creative’ means :  I’m not actually sure how to define creativity. I believe everyone is creative in some way, and creativity can take many different forms.

  • What was your scariest creative adventure?: My scariest creative adventure is the one I’m on right now. I’m working full time as an artist and trying to turn this into a permanent gig. It’s very scary to do this at times because I don’t have a steady income right now. I would not be able to do this without the generous support of my partner, Boris.Rachael-Ashe--alteredbooks-

  • What makes your heart swell with joy?:  My heart swells with joy when I walk around Vancouver is spring time and see all these beautiful flowering trees around the city. It’s such an incredible, magical sight.

  • Three words to describe my work are:  Meditative, intriguing, intricate.

  • What creative tool can you not live without (so-to-speak)?:  With my altered book work I could not live without access to old books. With my paper cut work I could not live without my art knife with a sharp blade and a simple piece of paper. The tools and materials I work with are pretty simple and I could not do my work at all without them.

  • My favorite ‘pretend’ curse word is :  I only use the real curse words unfortunately. 🙂

To see more of Rachael’s work:

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Rachael's profile photo from facebook.

Rachael’s profile photo from facebook.