Travelling into the heART of the matter

At the centre point of everything in life, the heart if you will, lies creativity.add-intotheheart
We are all creative! If we weren’t, we would not have the almighty wheel, texting (aka the new age telegram), cars, roadways, homes, music, dancing, delicious food, a name, even family members for that matter? Where would we be?
Sometimes along our personal journey we get creatively stuck and need a jump start to recharge our batteries or just need to step aside from our normal everyday lives. Have time to breathe, laugh, make friends and take a leap of faith in ourselves.
Nicci Battilana invites you to do just that. She has organized an event where you may to take a short time out from the ‘norm’, close to home. For most of you that means no plane rides, no passports, and no customs lines.
Nicci has gathered a wide array of talented unique individuals to offer workshops ranging from finding your own muse, to doll making, to art journaling, to playing with wax as an art medium and to creating your own business plan, among others.
Join them on the first annual Creative Pilgrimage!
CLICK HERE to register (printable pdf file).
Once we have the LOGO for our latest SPONSOR, we will share the excitement right here with you!!!   Sooooo excited!

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