Can you picture this?

Can you picture this?

Artfest 2012 ~ photo by Kate Daniel
Artfest 2012 ~ photo by Kate Daniel

Please let me introduce you to the lovely Kate Daniel, our Fall 2013 ‘Into the heART’ Photographer:

(FYI: Kate is hiding up near the top left of this photo)

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  • Which Artist inspires you the most & why?:  There are so many! …but I had the pleasure of taking one of Flora Bowley’s classes – she is someone who is truly fulfilling her life’s work – and it shows in her down-to-earth, confident & creative teaching style.

  • What would you love to try next, creatively?:  Oh there is so much to do, so little time!

  • I like to photograph because: It feeds my soul.

  • What was your scariest creative adventure?:  Going on my first art retreat – a Be Present Retreat – I didn’t know anyone when I arrived…but that didn’t last long! 5 years later, I’m still in touch with many of the creative souls I met there.

  • The thing I love most about my life is:  The variety.

  • What makes your heart swell with joy?:  Seeing people who are good at what they do, who are truly passionate about the work that they do, who are living their dream.

  • What creative tool can you not live without (so-to-speak)?:  My camera

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