2ND Spring 2014 workshop is unveiled!!!

2ND Spring 2014 workshop is unveiled!!!

Workshop “Create Your Mantra” by Colleen Monette

(Friday May 23, 2014 ~ Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada)

In Tibet, Buddhists carve their mantras into rocks as a form of meditation. Here we will create a 3D encaustic block, and ‘carve’ our mantras into it. Choosing your mantra, words or phrases that will help you in your artistic endeavors, will be an awakening experience. We’ll spend the first part of the day covering our block, and in the afternoon, begin to carve, adding personal messages, in words or added bits of treasure to complete our mantras.

As an encaustic artist, I love the smell and feel of the wax. Earth tones connect me to nature, vintage ephemera connects me to the past. Working in 3D has added something unique to each piece, it truly brings the art to life. My recent work has been dedicated to the recent massive die-off of the honeybee. Combining plaster, wax and collage elements, the art carries the warmth of the hive, while opening a dialog to their plight.

I have been an encaustic artist for 6 years. My work consists of encaustic in 2-D and 3-D, as well as found object assemblage and sculpture. I have been teaching encaustic for a year now, and find the time with students and artists rewarding, as it pushes me to the limits in my knowledge of encaustic and in my ability to express myself and grow as an artist and teacher. (Colleen’s website link)

Supply list:

  • Small roll of plaster cloth (Pacon plastercraft, at most art supply/craft stores)
  • Small bowl for water
  • Scissors, disposable gloves
  • Parchment paper (1-2 sheets)
  • Ephemera to use on your sculpture: natural fabrics, thread, paper bits, small objects to imbed
  • Bring if you have: tacking iron

Instructor will supply:

  • All wax medium and pigmented wax, pan pastel, misc. paint, stencils, incising tools
  • Additional ephemera to imbed
  • Styrofoam block
  • Tacking irons, heat guns
  • Extra scissors, gloves

There is no kit fee

Student registration BEGINS Sept 21, 2013

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