4TH Spring 2014 workshop is unveiled!!!

4TH Spring 2014 workshop is unveiled!!!

WORKSHOP “Ice Resin® Bezel Neckwrap” by Josephine Jones

Friday May 23, 2014

Come explore the endless possibilities of resin as you will cut, plan and place a bezel. Students will also learn the art of mixing and curing resin, using silicone molds, followed by basic metalsmithing techniques to assemble your components. This class will open up new possibilities and you’ll leave wondering what in I resin next?
Josephine Jones “Jo” or “Jomama”
Mostly self-taught, Jo is a mixed media artist who’s been creating her entire life. Part environmentalist, part fashionista, she started her creative path with sewing and painting. With her love for metal, her path veered towards jewelry, and her recent pieces are a compilation of soldering and cold connections using recycled cans.
She is drawn to discarded items radiating nature’s patina. Crazy about color and texture, and taking it to the next level, she incorporates soldering, casting, fold forming and enameling to add layers to her designs.
With an organic bohemian vibe, her one of a kind works include jewelry and accessories made from found, re-purpose and salvaged stuff. Jo also crafts personal family heirlooms into wearable memories.
She teaches locally, is on the Ice Resin® design team, was an ambassador for Bernina, and will be teaching at Into the heArt art retreat in 2014. She’s been featured in Daily Candy, Celebrate Green Eco blog, Antisteez, OM times online and is being published in Jewelry Affaire magazine in January 2014. She’s attended Artfest and Bead & Button Show.
Jo lives in South Florida with her husband, cats and chickens. She loves to travel and pick up treasures along the way!               www.shopjomama.com
Class kit is $25 and includes: Wire Bezel, Resin, Steel wire, Steel wool, and wax.
Supply list: Students should bring: Hammer, Texture Hammers (optional), Bench Block, Pliers (flat nose & round nose), Files, Embossing gun (if you have one), 60 watt bulb and small lamp for curing resin (if you are able).
Students may also bring: small items, background images or small photos, crystals, gems, beads, glitter, charms, trinkets, or found objects to use in your project.

Student registration BEGINS Sept 21, 2013

Retreat PACKAGE pricing to be advised this SATURDAY!

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