On-line Art Retreat REGISTRATION update!

Hi Everyone, workshops-FRI
It turns out that the online registration form we were planning on using does not support my Canadian paypal account and the other online reg company will charge over $30 per student registering….YIKES!   That is just too much to be adding to anyone’s fees in my book.
We thought we had that online convenience sorted out for you, but alas we will now be asking you to support your local mail service.
For this reason, we will not begin processing your registrations until October 3rd, as we want the timeline workshops-SATto be fair to all. Besides the first mailed in forms will have only been posted yesterday at the earliest.
So fill them out tonight, slap that stamp on and pop it on in your local postal outlet…. let the FUN BEGIN!!!!
FYI: If you are paying your deposit via paypal, please add in your 4% and a little note stating what name will be showing on your mailed in registration form so that I can easily match them up.
Please note that if you are concerned about the speed of postal mail, you can also scan your paperwork, place the originals in the postal mail now and then email in your scanned paperwork on Oct 3rd to creativefinds[at]gmail[dot]com . Please save your scans out as pdf files no larger than 315KB (if possible). This way I will know to keep an eye out for it, however it still cannot be processed until payment of deposit has been received. (This note was added at 7:08pm PST Sep 23, 2013)
Cheers and our apologies,
Nicci & the CFE Team

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