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REGISTER with deposit by Nov 30th, 2103 and SAVE $50.00 pp !!!

At the centre point of everything in life, the heart if you will, lies creativity. We are all creative! If we weren’t, we would not have the almighty wheel, texting (aka the new age telegram), cars, roadways, homes, music, dancing, delicious food, a name, even family members for that matter? Where would we be?

 Learn how to use tools in a new or different way or even how to begin creating.
Try new techniques, and step out of your comfort zone!
Connect with a community of like minded artists at all skill levels!
It’s time to save your spot for a get away to meet fun, talented artists!


Friday May 23, 2014workshops-FRI

Saturday May 24, 2014workshops-SAT

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All SKILL levels welcome!

SAVE YOUR SPACE with a $150 deposit!

REGISTER with deposit by Nov 30th, 2103 and SAVE $50.00 pp !!!

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