Join me in the amazing journey I’ve begun…

Join me in the amazing journey I’ve begun…

I am so very excited to be hosting this wonderful adventure!

If you have not yet taken the leap & attended an Art Retreat, you may be feeling a bit freaked out, stressed to the max and completely unsure if you should do this. Two years ago I was standing in your shoes. I reached out & contacted the hosts of that retreat. Tracy Moore talked me into taking a deep breath and following through with my initial instincts and I am so very glad that he did. CLICK HERE to read about my 2012 Artfest adventure! 

Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions you may have.

Create with your Host, Nicci Dot C.A.

following the Welcome Reception on Thursday evening May 22nd!

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All SKILL levels welcome!


CLICK HERE for WORKSHOP, accommodation & price info

NOTE:  REGISTRATION closes January 25th, 2014

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  1. Art retreats are wonderful. Although I haven’t attended this particular art retreat, I have attended several others and the experience is so worth it. If you are worried about it, start by taking a couple of creative classes at a local shop to get the feel for working in a group atmosphere.

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