Art Trades….. 101

Art Trades….. 101

What is an ART TRADE?
Pretty much anything you want them to be. Some people go all out and make just a few (maybe 20) elaborate items. Where-as some people package up ephemera, which people can use in their art journals or mixed media sculptures during or after the retreat. Then there are some people that just like to trade their art business cards that they have had printed or made from hand just for the event. I had mini 1″ pins/badges made with my art and gave those out with my art business card. I had 150 little packets in little plastic bags prepared, however, please keep in mind that there were 550 attendees at the Artfest 2012…lol. Our Spring retreat will not be as large as that. Plus, I will contact all attendees and let you our final numbers when the time comes.
Whatever you create, make sure you include your contact details, as this is where you may just meet a new lifelong friend!
People trade one item for one item. It is a great way to break the ice when greeting your fellow attendees. You will find that some people are right in the thick of it, eager to trade. Where as some people stand back, observe, and only trade with those that come up to them.  I was one of the ones that stood back for the first couple minutes, but then realized I would miss out on the full experience if I did not just jump in, so that is what I did. It was soooo much fun!
Here are some pictures of what I received when I went to Artfest in 2012: (FYI: Some are not pictured as I have already used them in necklace, art journal and other creations.)SANY1133 SANY1132 SANY1131 SANY1130 SANY1129 SANY1128 SANY1127 SANY1126 SANY1125 SANY1124 SANY1123 SANY1122 SANY1121 SANY1120 SANY1119 SANY1118 SANY1117Have fun with creating your trades. If you are stuck on an idea, do not hesitate to contact us for inspiration. 🙂2014-02-07-promo-live-with- SANY0808


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