What were your favorite things to do at a sleepover?  (then vs now)

  • talk about secret crushes (boys/girls vs art n craft supplies)
  • drool over eye candy (teen magazines vs art/craft/scrap-booking mags)
  • eat yummy food (chips, pizza & ice cream vs many of the same + macaroons…lol)
  • giggle
  • watch something that amazes or scares you (movies/TV vs art workshop instructors & classmates 🙂  )
  • wear your favorite pj’s
  • do each others hair (braid vs colour before arriving and then braid)
  • paint your fingernails
  • listen to music (on the parents stereo or ghetto-blaster vs smart phones & iPads)
  • take photos (on film cameras to view in a few weeks vs on our phones to post on our blogs/fb page that very same day)
  • have sugary drinks (pop and Kool-Aid vs wine and gin & tonic)
  • dance
  • plan the next gathering (movie night or sleepover vs art retreat or creative tea time)
  • stay up late
  • do crafts (glue and paste vs art journaling, tissue paper flower making, etc & so on)
  • trade (stickers & friendship pins and bracelets vs ephemera & all things handmade)

Sorry guys, but I only attended the girly sleepovers. However, I am sure you Gentlemen had a wonderful list of adventures that translate easily as well to an art retreat in 2014!  🙂03-SANY0374-words

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