Spend a Friday with Andrea…

Spend a Friday with Andrea…


WORKSHOP“Marquis de Scroll” with Andrea Matus

SkillLevel: All levels
I was recently pondering what makes scrolls so intriguing. Was it the rich vast history they embody? Was it how they manage to bridge the artistic and the literary? Actually what I find to be the most fascinating aspect is its transformative nature. Totally unfurled the entire visual story can be revealed…or it can be revealed in smaller segments, making it so that a multitude of compositions are possible. Unfurl the only the top half and a totally different story is told than if the lower portion is revealed. In this class we are going to be working large! We’ll start off with a five-foot length of canvas (12” wide) and with our skillful addition of layers of paint, pastel and collage we’ll transform it into a visual narrative that can be deciphered and displayed like a scroll.
Some of the specific skills we’ll be tackling in this workshop include:
-using a compendium of collage material to formulate a visual narrative and a cohesive composition
-paint techniques, choosing colors, mixing colors, and combining paint with collage harmoniously
-collage techniques, including special tips for collaging unstretched canvas
-using layers of mixed media to seamlessly integrate collage items
BIO: Andrea is a mixed media artist from Vancouver, British Columbia. Her creative career began at the University of Waterloo and led her to the world of graphic design and teaching Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. This unique combination of expertise allows Andrea to infuse her artworks with digitally manipulated imagery merged with the unconventional use of traditional mediums. The result is what she likes to call highly dimensional collage-semmblages.
As an art instructor, Andrea conducts workshops from coast-to-coast across North America, and is including workshops in Europe and Australia in the upcoming months.
Her most recent project involves co-authoring a book with her artist-husband Michael deMeng. The book entitled “Art Abandonment” is due for release in the spring of 2014.                                                           Blog: http://paradoxicalgypsy.blogspot.com
Teacher will bring:

  • Paper towel
  • Collage tools for our large-scale work
  • Metallic paint
  • Portfolio Brand Pastels
  • Other mark making tools

Kit Fee: $10.00
Canvas scroll – primed on one side
Supply List:

  • Images –lots: photos (vintage, family, copies from your favourite books…..), as well as lots of symbolic images you like (butterflies, flowers, astrologically, etc.) **no inkjet printouts please, laser print, or photocopies only.
  • Paper, ephemera and collage items (words, patterned papers, textured papers, stamps, etc.)
  • Papers for background – text, old wrapping paper, pieces of wallpaper, scrapbook paper –make sure some of these are kind of neutral colours….not too dark
  • Paint: Golden Acrylics fluid or heavy body (white, black, any blue, red, and yellow, plus a couple more of your favorites)
  • Paint Palette (a paper plate will suffice)
  • Paintbrushes: bring just a few in different sizes, and one detail brush
  • Water Container
  • Golden Matte Medium (large bottle) (should sound “syrupy” when you shake it)
  • Golden Gloss Medium (small bottle) (should sound “syrupy” when you shake it)
  • Scissors
  • E6000 Adhesive

Optional: Heat gun & Fabric trimmings

Andrea’s PRINTABLE class info PDF

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