THANK YOU for all that you do

With such a high influx of Spring Markets taking place this year, we have had a hard time obtaining enough quality talented local vendors.
Our vendor numbers are lower than we would like & this close to our market date we have decided to postpone and amalgamate our May 23rd market with our 9th annual Winter Market (Nov 14 & 15, 2015).
It was a hard decision, as we know that our vendors have been busy creating for you and we have been busy marketing.
2015-Poster-girl-APPLICATIOWe came to the conclusion that we do not want to change our vendor target (handmade & local + supplies) to fill the show with other types of vendors and we really do not want to do an injustice to you, our customers, or our vendors.
We prefer to put on the best markets we can and are therefore now focusing on our Winter Market.
We THANK YOU for your continued support!  <3  🙂
Please SAVE THE DATEs on Nov 14 & 15, 2015 and we will see you then at SULLIVAN HALL.

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