Unveiling some SWEET TREATS for all you ART JOURNAL JUNKIES !

Unveiling some SWEET TREATS for all you ART JOURNAL JUNKIES !

#13:  WORKSHOP “Creativity, Inspiration & Journaling Kick Start”

with Megan Anderson

I love writing, I love the idea of writing, I love pens and pencils, crisp white paper and the crackle as I open up a brand new journal…. but sometimes I find journalling and writing, heck even creating, daunting and over whelming. How to start? What to write? What to draw? Where or where is my inspiration?

These cards can help inspire, prompt, push, spark and to document the artistic voyage . They can be shared, traded, displayed or kept intimate and private, like a personal tarot deck taking you and your art in new directions.

 Creativity cards can be used to prompt any type of creative process, from journalling to drawing , painting and anything in between.

 We will start with a base deck of cards and begin the process of creating a highly personal deck (think imagery and quotes not deep dark secrets…phew). We will look at how to begin developing these decks so that you can continue to build and develop your deck and draw on it in the future.

 In this class I also encourage participants to trade a few cards with others in the class…so be prepared (and remember I said encourage). This can really help to push one out of their comfort zone and further push your art in new directions.

A jump start kit will be included with this class. Also the base for your deck.

 We will also have a “share” table set up in class. Feel free to add to take to or from it.

 Supply Kit Fee: $5

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#14: WORKSHOP“Mythical ‘Eye’ See You Journal” with Megan Anderson

Mythical creatures have always intrigued me. Secretly, I always wanted a pet dragon. He (yes, mine is a he) would look over me, urge me on as I journeyed through the creative process and be the guardian of my journaled thoughts and secrets. He would help inspire my imagination and he and his travels would be my muse. I had a little trouble finding a dragon to fit the bill so, so I decided to create one.
Whatever or whomever your mythical beast, creature or muse may be, together we will bring yours to life.
Create a unique relief style journal cover using eyes, clay, paint, ephemera and a wee bit of whimsy.
Some of the techniques we will cover: design & execution of design, use of apoxie clay, problem shooting to attach objects to journal cover, use of Kroma crackle, general glazing techniques and paint techniques to create depth and impact.
Interference and metallic colors. Optional gold leafing.

Student registration BEGINS Sept 21, 2013


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