Let's pretend…

Let's pretend…

Remember when:

  • Fairy Godmothers watched over us?
  • we played until we were called home for dinner?
  • sleepovers meant staying up past your bedtime giggling with your friends?
  • you skipped rope for what seemed like an hour and then just fell on the ground tired and laughing?
  • climbing the ladder into a tree-fort, felt like going on an wild secret adventure with your friends?
  • your future goals included being a Princess, being able to fly, or soaring high above the earth in a rocket ship?
  • a special treat was eating dinner on a tv table while watching the Disney show on Sunday evenings?

We plan on making you feel that way again!countdown-05

All SKILL levels welcome!


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NOTE:  REGISTRATION closes January 25th, 2014

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